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Activities that are outside our work scope

Children and adults with autism do not receive direct, ongoing treatment from UCF-CARD employees. Our employees are specifically prohibited from entering dual relationships by providing direct treatment to the individuals they support.


We do not diagnose autism spectrum disorders at our center or conduct formal assessments, evaluations, or testing; however we do train professionals on diagnosis, and there are rare demonstrations of assessment and diagnostic techniques that families may be able to take advantage of. We will also speak with families or individuals seeking evaluation for autism spectrum disorders to suggest appropriate diagnostic resources in their area.  We are not a crisis management program, be instead focus on proactive programming.


We do not have a facility or staffing to handle crisis situations. We can provide you with advice in anticipation of a crisis, but in a crisis situation you must call 911—and request a CIT officer answer the call if possible.  CIT officers have received training from CARD on how to assist individuals with ASD through a crisis situation.


UCF-CARD does not promote one intervention method or a single approach to treating the challenges facing people with Autism Spectrum Disorders.  Instead, we address the specific needs of the individual(s) by providing information and training on a variety of evidence-based strategies and methods.


We cannot duplicate services that other state agencies are charged with providing, such as case management and legal or educational advocacy. We can refer you to those agencies as part of our consultative services.


While CARD often participates in agency or school meetings where your child’s needs and programming are being discussed, we serve a consultative role rather than a role of advocacy. We can meet with you prior to the meeting to prepare you to be the best advocate for your child, or refer you to a professional advocate.


We cannot provide a model of center-initiated follow up. Although we try to be responsive to the needs of our constituents, we are not able to provide on-going regular contact of a case management nature, like Children’s Medical Services or Medwaiver provides. Our coordinators each serve 800 families or more and it is difficult to reach out to all of them, so we rely on you to contact us when you need something.