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Kimberly Snoeblen, B.A., BCABA Coordinator

Kim received a dual Bachelor's degree in Psychology and Education from Rutgers University. She holds a professional teaching certificate and has previously worked as both a regular education and exceptional education teacher. Kim is also a Board Certified Assistant Behavior Analyst and is completing her masters in Marriage and Family Therapy. Prior to moving to Florida, Kim worked as a discrete trial therapist and Coordinator at the Eden Institute and Bancroft Early Intervention Programs in New Jersey, and was a Discrete Trial therapist at University of California Los Angeles (UCLA), and intern with Dr. Ivar Lovaas on an inclusion project for the Los Angeles Unified School district. Kim has a background in feeding therapy from her experience at Children's Seashore House Feeding Unit in Philadelphia. Her research and training interests include applied behavior analysis, feeding therapy, bully-proofing, positive behavioral support and inclusion. In her spare time Kim enjoys boating, traveling and gourmet cooking.