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Gesa Barto, B.F.A.


Gesa joined UCF CARD in 2010, but her colorful career spans 4 decades. After completing a degree in Design and Fine Arts from the University of Frankfurt, Germany, she worked as an executive and conceptionist in large international ad agencies for 13 years. While running her own advertising business, she met and married American classical pianist Tzimon Barto, and became his worldwide career manager.  Her firstborn, Ori, had a variety of obstacles to manage from birth, amongst them Aspergers Syndrome.  Gesa and Ori worked out an individual "best practice package" that helped him thrive until epilepsy ended his life at age 17. Supporting parents in becoming good and foreseeing mentors for their child on the spectrum is one of Gesa's main goals. The other is re-implementing the arts to enhance our ability to self-regulate. Gesa is an accomplished artist. Contemporary oil paintings are her "other work".