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UCF CARD is happy to provide training to enhance educator and professional skills in working with individuals of all ages with ASD.  Our directive from the Florida Board of Education for 2017-18 is to provide training the school districts to improve the rates of children with ASD included in general education classrooms, and to promote employment and post-secondary education activites of students exiting the school system. Although we can provide training on any relevant training need, we are particularly targeting providing training that enables providers to reduce the use of seclusion and restraint as behavior management approaches, and training that provides school and educational program administrators with the skills to identify and support best practices in education of students with ASD and related disabilities in 2013.  We will work with you to meet your training needs within the scope of our expertise and available funds.  If you are not sure what you need, we encourage you to schedule a phone consultation with your district CARD liaison or the UCF CARD director by calling 407 823 6001.  UCF CARD Staff may not train in the regions assigned to other CARD centers without a cross-CARD collaboration plan.


Training may range from brief lectures to promote awareness of strategies and information relevant to ASD and related disabilities, to make and takes, to intensive skill building workshops and are done for groups as small as 10 and as large as 250.  For more one-on-one training needs, please consult with the CARD coordinator assigned to your region.


An agency, school or program may request training from UCF CARD at any time by using the training request form to the left.  Every agency has its own chain of command to follow in requesting training from UCF CARD.  Please make sure you have the permission to schedule the requested training before completing the form.  Because our coordninators are frequently booked out for several weeks, we require a minimimum of 3 weeks notice to schedule a training, and a month in advance is preferred.

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CARD provides free consultation to educational programs, businesses, and agencies that provide services for individuals with ASD.  In addition, CARD provides consultation to programs that wish to begin to provide services for individuals with ASD or to improve their current program to meet the needs of individuals with ASD. To arrange an on-site consultation at your program, complete the Consultation Request Form below. 


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Professionals Training & Educator Resources